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  • Your Fault:Why She Is Going To Lose Interest in You.

    When a man is passive. He loses all of his appeals. Except for the last century or so. Men have traditionally taken the lead in relationships. For the most part, he has been the decision-maker and planner. Not that he doesn’t talk to his wife, but he has always had the final say. Men were […]

  • Father|The Time Has Come To Raise Boys to Be Good Fathers. (We Can Not Fail Again)

    Along with many other men my age in the 1980s, I understood that men demonstrate their concern for others through action. I was raised, like my ancestors before me, to look after people in my life, especially women, by spending for dates, killing insects and other scary creatures in the house, being the main earner, and responding to their needs. Love was defined through action.

  • The BullShit I Am Not Going To Teach My Son(Maybe You Should Too)

    The Big Boys Don’t Cry or Show Any Emotions. Boys do not dress in pink. Fight like a man. What the hell is going on? Why are we telling our boys this shit? First and foremost, men miss out on valuable friendships. Men are expected to hang out with a certain crowd, whether it’s a […]

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Mandla is a writers, content creator, a husband and a father of Two kids.

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