Why Men Can’t Find Women To Date?

That is not your problem. Your issue is why you can’t find the woman you want. You will have to assume that is your issue, or else you may have to assume that it is the woman’s issue. Assuming that they are all wrong and you are correct, if you assume this then lucky you. You may be an undiscovered treasure of a man, but in reality, you also may not be that special at all.

Women are often more picky, especially in sexual terms.This is the case in every culture. It’s not surprising, because women have more at stake than men do, since men don’t become pregnant. I don’t know whether it’s worse now, but I definitely know that men are annoyed by women because of this pickiness.

But if you are annoyed by women as a class of human being, there is something wrong with you since they are right and you are wrong. They are right, you are wrong (read that again).Typically, if they don’t pick you, it’s because they’re right. I know what it’s like to be rejected, how it’s like to be afraid. I don’t know anymore than some men because I wasn’t always rejected outright. You need to ask yourself, and this is a very important question, “what do you expect from women?” If you got pregnant because of sex, you too would be very picky.

Think about it a bit, do they find you attractive? Well, maybe not. What are you doing to dress well? What are you doing to prepare? Are you as educated as you should be? It’s like if you constantly being rejected, but you’re out there trying your best. Then you need to thinking about the value you bring to the table. By value I actually mean what do you bring to the table of life, unfortunately these days value is measured by what you can provide financial. The days of hunting as cave men, are gone. We can’t go out and hunt for sanitary pads. Everything costs money, but here lays the danger.

Women have become so hyper-focused on money that it clouds their judgement and exposes them to the risk of being tricked into a bad relationship, because having money doesn’t necessarily mean that I am going to be a good life partner. Any many can fake having money to trick a woman but not every rich man is a good person.

In conclusion, always increase your value, build your confidence, read self development books and increase your social status. Don’t be that guy who complains about his life for 10 years without doing anything to change his situation (Turn off for women). Don’t Fail To Try. Keep Moving Always And Follow Our Blog Bellow.

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