Can I Fix My Partner?

There is nothing worse than believing we can “fix” someone we love.

A man who needs getting fixed is not someone you should be around. Saying, “I can fix him,” is not optimism – it is naivete. People can change and improve themselves, but taking on the burden of that mess is not wise.

Even though we may think of people as works in progress, we don’t have the power to change them. When we assume that we fix another person, we set ourselves up for disappointment. Or worse. It is important to love God and love people, but you already have a lot of demons that you need to deal with. Do not break your own heart trying to fix other individuals – it is a futile exercise that will only disappoint you.

A victim in an abusive relationship believes they can change the abuser for the better, but in a reality, what is happening is that the abuser gets away with continuing their abuse under the guise of “I don’t know what I’m doing, so I need your help.” Sometimes people do not change until they are caught, and sometimes they will not change until they are ready and want to change. Some people will not change until they are ready and will not change until they are caught. 

Some people will not change until God strikes them on the hip. The question for you is – when will you quit trying to do the right thing with the wrong people?

Don’t be afraid to accept people for who they are, regardless of how they present themselves. If you still can’t find a project, then go to church instead of losing your heart. Always remember that the only one you need to fix is you. Don’t let someone leave your life because they didn’t love you. Don’t allow the person who didn’t love you to keep you from the person who will. Don’t try to make everyone happy.

You’re not a flawless individual. And my question to you is, do you know how to make yourself a better individual? The fact of the matter is that no guy on this planet is without flaws. We all have flaws and weaknesses that make us who we are. It’s referred to as being human. What’s more, just because it’s an unattainable goal to achieve doesn’t mean you shouldn’t aim for perfection in all you do. After all, it’s preferable to go the additional mile and fail at the final hurdle than to remain where you are and accept mediocrity in life.

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