What it Truly Takes to Become The Man that Most South African Women Crave and Want

How is it going? You seem like a nice guy.

There’s a reason that nice guys don’t attract women, and that’s because they tend to give in to people-pleasing and do not take charge of their lives. As a result, women seek security. When they do not take control of situations, they feel fearful and decide to leave or take things into their own hands, which eventually causes them to become overbearing and controlling.

Everyone indeed has needs, but nice guys pretend they don’t have any and put everyone else’s needs, especially those of the woman, ahead of their own, but are manipulative and passive-aggressive strategies for getting what they want.

The following tips will help you go from a beta male to an alpha male if any of this sounds familiar to you.

Don’t be shy about your wants.

If you accept this truth, you will stop being manipulative when trying to get what you want. This may seem selfish and contrary to what you were taught as a child, but it’s the truth. Women can’t read your mind.

Know your value 

Everyone has value, even if one person doesn’t find you valuable. Whether it be a car, clothes, or title, none of it matters if you can’t comprehend your value. I don’t care who you are; you have value.

It will help if you control your emotions 

It is essential to develop mental toughness, which can remain calm, relaxed, and collected under stress. This increases your self-confidence, peace of mind and makes you more appealing to the opposite gender.

Make new friends

The masculine connection is essential to men, while the feminine link is essential to women. Don’t spend too much time with women who aren’t your intimates. Friendship not only supports your testosterone levels but is also a foundation for intimate relationships. 

The secret to happiness is setting a worthy goal and working towards it every day. Setting a goal makes you more determined and more rigid with your time allocation. When you set goals, you have less time to waste on trivial things, such as a flaky girlfriend.

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