Isolation And Inequality Among Men

Men Are Suffering, We Need Help Not Judgement.

Some sociologists believe that men are experiencing a crisis of identity, where they are struggling to cope with the professional and personal demands placed upon them by society.

The changing traditional roles of the man, such as his role as the head of the household and his role in the workplace, have contributed to a ‘crisis of masculinity. One of the consequences of this crisis has been the alarming rise in male suicides, according to some commentators.

‘New men’ refers to men who work, but also help out with childcare and housework. This is another relatively recent concept in the area of masculinity and identity.

Men today have been conditioned, if not outright mandated, to be defined by their strength, ruggedness, independence, and “masculinity.” We live in a society where men are expected to be strong, rugged, and independent. Throughout history, African men have been expected to live up to certain expectations that have been imposed on them by society.

It is common to suffer from physical, social, emotional, and psychological ailments because of constant exposure to unattainable, unsustainable ideals. Psychologists, psychotherapists, physicians, and other specialists have extensively addressed the multitude of issues caused by the conflicting messages men receive every day.

There are increasing numbers of men who have started forming men’s groups. These groups meet regularly and discuss their fears, concerns, desires, and goals. I see quite a few of these gatherings where I live.

To conclude, men are needed now more than ever for their strength and qualities. When men witness violence toward others more vulnerable, they need to use their power to stand up, not be complicit, and to push the less powerful through to showcase their talent. We should teach our children these qualities, as well as how to be resourceful, effective communicators, and willing to make mistakes when they make them.

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