Opinion| Why Are South Africa’s Women So Obsessed With Toxic Men

I’m sure you’ve all at some point noticed a girl with a guy who was overall just a loud, rude jerk and then wondered what the hell? Maybe even been mad about it? Well, instead of resenting guys who are successful with women, observe and learn from them. Girls love bad boys or jerks because of a few very attractive traits that are usually attached to them.

Number 1: They seem to have unbreakable self-esteem and friends.

I say seemingly because, in reality, a jerk is insecure. However, on the surface, at least, he seems like a guy who thinks he’s the man. No matter what the world throws (or presses) at him.

Number 2: A sense of entitlement.

They just do things escalation wise because they want to; they don’t have a paradigm. There’s only her approval for the next step. They just feel entitled.

Number 3: Not pushovers.

They won’t put up with any nonsense from her. You’re being overly dramatic, etc.

Number 4: Dominant.

They have the persistence to lead her and get what they want.

Number 5: Mental toughness.

I’ll put a guy in his place if he messes with me, all these things, turn all girls on. On a primal level, it makes them excited. This explains a lot about women in relationships. But the good news is girls will obsess over men who have these traits and also have empathy and respect for them. They are attractive but also comfortable the whole time because of compassion.

When I was younger, in my coolest 20s, I made the mistake of trying to be an aloof jerk to a girl who actually genuinely wanted a nice, dependable guy. I was extremely jaded at the time and decided to become a jerk to protect my own feelings. And all I ended up doing was pushing away a girl I actually did like, and I ended up getting hurt anyway.

Don’t assume when you don’t know a girl that she likes a jerk or a nice guy by how she acts on the surface. You just don’t know until you get to know her. Well. This kind of thing is very deep-rooted, and you won’t know her true personality and likes, dislikes, and sometimes she doesn’t even know. Now it may seem that I’m saying, just be yourself, but no, I’m not. You should always seek to improve yourself in every facet of your life. If that girl never comes into your life, then at least you build up a good life for yourself to live. That’s really all there is to it.

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