There Are 7 Benefits of Not Having a Girlfriend That Are Worth Mentioning

It’s not (really)at all compulsory to have a girlfriend. Everyone has a different view about having a girlfriend or wife. Some guys (most) associate girlfriends as their status symbol. They compare and compete with each other like a brother; you had five girls in the past and now three girlfriends at a time. I had seven girls in the past and currently have four at a time. It is not necessary to have a girlfriend to succeed in this life. In actual fact, sometimes, you need to avoid having a girlfriend to be successful in life….

Number 1; It’s added stress.

You don’t need couples to fight (most of the time), and it’s a normal thing, yes?. Something is actually really wrong if you don’t fight once or twice in a while with your significant other (truth). But having an argument still takes much time, and that’s emotional stress to your life. This is something you absolutely don’t need. If you are trying to concentrate on your work, you can’t afford to let yourself be vulnerable. 

Number 2; Having a relationship requires you to open up your life, fears and secrets to another person.

While having someone that can actually make you happy (sometimes). It could make you feel too much comfortable and put you in the mindset of not staying aggressive or not focusing on building your startup or career. As someone once or twice told me, a man’s weakest moments are when he’s happiest. The worst part is the breakup. They suck, and they hurt badly. Ask yourself this, can you very seriously afford to let go and risk going through emotional and physical pain at this stage in your young life when you should be solely focused on building your empire? 

Number 3; You need to enjoy single life. 

While you are young. You have a lot of time to settle down and spend your 20 seconds enjoying the dating scene without the pressures and commitments that our relationship straps us. Work really hard, Stay focused, healthy, and please remember this the more (more) successful you become, the more people you actually attract, and the more options you get for your money and career should always come first. I don’t care what you’ve been taught. Having financial stability is incredibly important. As one of my old mentors said, Without money, you are useless. This is the very hard truth, and don’t let anyone else (for that matter) tell you differently. If you’re spending too much time on finding or maintaining a relationship, that means you are really wasting valuable (precious) time that you could be spending on making yourself financially stable and well-off. 

The very, very last thing you actually want to do is work on fairytale relationships only for it to end very, very badly because you will be left with nothing but a broken, burnt heart and nothing to fall back on. 

Number 4; You are not ready yet. 

If you’re still under 30, you probably have no idea what love is, and you aren’t ready to get married. Plain and simple. You simply haven’t developed an experienced enough in your life to now your focus at this time should be on yourself and how you’re going to develop into a strong and amazing person that joins people focusing on a relationship will just cloud your important mind more than it already is with the other very good challenges of growing up. Your focus should be on yourself. 

Number 5; You’ll likely be broke. 

Let’s face it, relationships constantly means dinner and going out don’t come free unless your family is rolling in cash and you have access to it. Don’t add more fuel to the very hot fire of your financial stress. 

Number 6; You don’t have time for another full-time job. 

Can you dedicate your time to juggling a relationship while working towards your success? Most importantly, can you give everything you have in two areas without eventually wanting to hang yourself? Ain’t nobody got time for that. 

Number 7; You were born alone, and you will die alone. 

You are born alone in this world, and you are going to die alone in this world. You have a family, you have friends, they are important, but in the end, there is no one that is really really there that is going to 100% back you up or support you. So you have to learn early on in life that you are the last sort of safety net. You have to depend very much on your own skills, your own attitude. If you’re sitting there waiting for other people to help you. You are a loser; you are going to miss all of the opportunities that are out there. 

So you develop a mindset that I have to get things for myself. I have to be strong, and occasionally if people are going to help me, That’s great. I’m not going to be sitting there waiting for that to happen. And I’m not going to be upset, depressed or disappointed if it doesn’t happen. I am going to get things done by myself. And I’m going to learn how to do it at a very early age

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