You Can Spot 8 Signs That She Is A Toxic Girlfriend

You Can Spot 8 Signs That She Is A Toxic Girlfriend, please follow us by tapping the follow button on the top of your screen.

Number 1: Overdramatic. 

Toxic girlfriends expect perfection from their partners. Despite not perfecting themselves, they lose it every time things don’t go as planned. Dinner went poorly, or it rained on a picnic day, or you were stuck in traffic on a movie date. Toxic girlfriends regularly struggle to adjust to dissatisfaction and do nothing about it. 

Number 2: She digs up your past errors often. 

Your relationship may be treading dangerous ground when she feels insecure and says things like this are what you always do, or you do the same with your ex. She may be building a case against you subconsciously. Ghosts usually torment this type of person from the past. Any time something happens, she recalls past examples and keeps mentioning them. Her focus is not on the issue at hand. 

Number 3: She looks to her boyfriend for self-esteem. 

Many of my greatest heartbreaks have been around me, making the same helpless decisions over and over again. Toxic girlfriends are often unaware of many if not all of their issues, and lack of self-awareness makes it very easy to hide even our most significant problems from ourselves. We need to take responsibility for our own decisions and conduct, not just blame our ex.

Number 5: Attention needed. 

When you keep giving more and more, they don’t know why their happiness is so fleeting. 

Number 6: Limited understanding of love. 

Her primary witnesses are fantasies, romantic comedies, love melodies, and old fashioned dejection. Girls who don’t see genuine love are destined to repeat unfortunate examples. There is no escape. She can’t (or shouldn’t) have a good relationship until she embraces a more realistic perspective on love.

Number 7: She wants to fix things she can’t control. 

There’s a commonly opposing quality of poisonous sweethearts: they live with an outside power of control, implying that life happens to them as if no decisions are totally outside their control. She will, in general, think of a few things she can do, particularly with regards to her sentimental connections. 

Relationship number 8: It’s all about your partner. 

Insecurities are a red flag if you can’t concentrate on anything because you always cater to your partner. When you stop paying attention to your close friends and family, your partner takes over your life. In other words, you might be in a toxic relationship. It would be best to get off the merry go round before you get sick.

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