The Difference Between The Guys You Date And The One You Will Marry.

The Difference Between The Guys You Date And The One You Will Marry.

The guy you date will tell you he’s not into commitments.

“I’m not the commitment type,” is easier than admitting “I don’t want to commit.”

The guy you will marry will after meeting you, he will suddenly become that.

You change when you meet the right person. Meeting this person changes everything in your life because you realize you don’t want to live without them or let them go.

There is no talk of a future between you and the guy you’re dating.

You guys are ambiguous about everything. You just accept things the way they are at the time. You might even be hesitant to ask them to do things too far in the future in case they say no.

The guy you marry wants you to become a part of his.

It isn’t even a question of if he will come to something with you. He will be there. It’s like you guys plan everything so far ahead, whether it’s trips or shows or weddings, he’s there.

You will discover how much the guy you date can get away with.

You’ll be tested to see what buttons he can push. When he doesn’t reciprocate, he wants to see how much you’re willing to give.

If you marry the right guy, he will meet you halfway.

You get everything you give back, and for the first time, you don’t feel like you’re trying too hard to make a relationship work.

You date a guy who doesn’t care about your dreams and goals.

It seems like everything you do and say is interesting to him, but he doesn’t want to be a part of it or help you get there. Even though he’s dating you, he doesn’t want to do more than he has to.

You will be encouraged and supported by the guy you marry.

If you marry the right guy, he will indulge himself in everything you do. As part of his love for you, he helps you reach the goals you want to achieve in life and loves the things you do. If he can get you there, he will. He loves and supports you to the point that you become twice as good as you were before.

You date a guy who is confident in himself.

It’s the guy you have to question; maybe there are girls blowing up his phone and flirting with him. Sometimes it’s nice to have him by your side when you walk into a place. You would say no if someone asked you if it were serious.

When you marry a guy, he wants to prove you can be confident in him.

If you end up marrying him, he will show you off to everyone. He makes you feel safe and secure in a way no one else has ever been able to.

A guy you date meets you at a place where you have common drinking, partying, and sleeping habits.

It’s fun to go out with someone, but eventually, you realize that’s all it is, and it gets old.

If you marry the right guy, you’ll have common interests with him that reflect your personality.

You meet the guy you marry not at a bar or really drunk, nor is he some one night stand; you meet him doing something that interests both of you. A shared interest. Based on that, you build your relationship.

You date a guy who can’t hold a conversation.

A casual conversation, meeting up or making plans. But your relationship lacks substance. There is no emotional and mental connection. It’s nice to have someone to do all these things with, but that’s about all it is.

When you marry a guy, he wants to know everything about you.

The guy you end up marrying wants to get to know you better than anyone else in his life. He makes an effort to learn about you and your interests. He works to build your trust that you can tell him even the hard things about your past.

Fights will be used as an excuse by the guy you date to leave.

He is out in the first round. 

The guy you marry will work through the issue until it doesn’t exist anymore. 

The guy you end up marrying might get angry at you, he might say things he regrets but he stays. He wants to work through this thing and figure out how to make it work. He teaches you fighting doesn’t always mean something is going to end.

You date a guy who cares more about how you look.

While attraction is important and what makes anyone go for someone, sometimes all it’s about is how someone looks. As shallow as it might seem, the root of the relationship is the physical attraction.

Your husband cares more about who you are as a person.

There must be a physical attraction, but more than that, there must be an emotional connection. It feels as if God put them here to be with you and there is no one better for you.

You won’t discuss feelings with the guy you date.

In your conversation, you talk about sports and where you are going out. He doesn’t mention how he feels about you. Maybe he likes you. Perhaps he enjoys spending time with you. However, he doesn’t like you enough to make you feel secure about how he feels. You can’t fake finding someone who is a perfect fit, as the truth is.

Someone you marry isn’t afraid to say I love you first.

You want to know that the guy you marry is completely in love with you. Because he feels fortunate to even have you, he’ll say it without even thinking twice about it. When you look him in the eye, you see the next fifty years in front of you.

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