My Apologies To The Men in Our Lives

We talk about everything with my male friends. As these men have shared some heart-wrenching stories with me, I felt compelled to write this letter and dedicate it to the good men out there.

Boys are taught that crying is a sign of weakness and “real men don’t cry” - so what do some men do? Hold it in. Painful emotions that wreak havoc on their systems have been swallowed and digested. What’s the outlet?

Women (many of them) were not taught NEVER to strike a man, but men were taught not to strike a woman, regardless of what happens. Can you explain to me how this is fair? Let’s just keep it real here, we shouldn’t be hitting anyone no matter what their gender is, so let’s just keep this honest.

In general, men are often referred to as “dogs” because they are incapable of maintaining a relationship without cheating on their partners. Basically, the narrative is that most men can never be monogamous – this is what usually happens. How has society reacted to the behaviour of some of these “women” lately? 

Some women are crafty and guilty of cheating as much as some of their male counterparts. When men cheat, who are they cheating with? Stop blaming, ladies…some of you do it too and brag that you never get caught. 

I’m not lying!

I do not condone any behaviour that causes pain to anyone-whether it is from a man or a woman. Do not be with one person if you’re not ready! Just be honest. Women and men alike.

DNA tests are now required in quite a few countries (for travel) because paternity is suspected. Who carries the babies, ladies? Certainly not men. Mother’s baby father’s maybe.

After a breakup, many of these “mothers” use their children as weapons against their fathers. Who will suffer most? As children grow up, guess what…

If you shared a child with your ex and your relationship ended, don’t keep his child from him unless he is a threat. Don’t play these games.

Judges in the family court system should also check themselves. If you’re reading, you already know this.

If a man finds a new woman, the ex wants more money. I’m just saying…

In any case…

No matter their gender, adults need to act like adults. People need to express their emotions without judgement. We all want to be happy, don’t we? Let’s stop pointing fingers and calling names.

There are good men and women out there, and yes, there are a few bad apples. Many men want to be in a loving, committed relationship the same way most women do, but they’re scared to death. Is it any wonder? They’re called “soft” if they bare their souls. You can’t win here, can you?

Good fellows, I apologize for all the times you have suffered in silence. Often in matters of the heart, you are deemed guilty until you are eventually proven innocent.

I have said it before and I will say it again, being a man must be tough.

Thanks to all the real queens and kings who stood up for each other, built, uplifted, respected, and loved together. That’s what it’s all about. To the “others”, do better.

Thank you!

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