My Wife Hates Me: The Secret Meaning Behind Every Husbands Anger

A deep, disturbing fear that your wife secretly (or not so secretively) despises you is possibly not as uncommon as you think. Redditors suspect it, and memes mock it. A “My Wife Hates Me” T-shirt is available, as is a humour podcast. While many men Google similar words (“I think my wife hates me”; “Does my wife hate me?”), the reasons for their feelings vary greatly. Maybe she said, “I hate you,” aloud throughout a fight, and you assumed it was true because she looked at you with just hardly suppressed disrespect. The answers are as diverse as the reasons why guys ask.

Here Is The Story

I’m completely speechless. My wife decided not to get me anything at all for my birthday yet again. I’ve been married to her for 27 years and have never forgotten her birthday. And her gifts are always expensive – she has expensive hobbies. I every time look forward more to my birthday, hoping that she will go out of her way to do something special for me. The very last two years have been dreadful. So much so that I’ve considered quitting after all this time. My reasoning is as follows: why proceed with this travesty if I’m not meaningful enough even for you to go out of your way and do something nice for me?

This year, it was her excuse that got to me. I had family members in town and entertained them over the weekend. This freed her up to do whatever she pleased. On Friday, she had an eyelash appointment, and on Saturday, she had a nail booking. When Sunday rolled around, my relative was involved in an accident that required a trip to the hospital that evening. She went to the Ward for a completely unrelated reason. She wished me a happy birthday on Monday, but she didn’t get me anything because everybody was too busy on Sunday. Seriously? What occurred to the other 364 days she could have used to prepare? And what happened to putting forth an effort on Friday or Saturday? I was irritated – I’m not sure she can tell.

To make this situation worse, she went out to a clothing store on Monday to buy new clothes. I asked for a simple gift card, but she refused. And she has surgery next week that isn’t covered by my medical is and that I’m expected to pay for. I’m sure Father’s Day will be similar. I bought her expensive tickets to a concert in town as a Mother’s Day gift. I’m already certain I’ll get nothing. I’m just done after all these years of giving; this has squeezed everything out of me. And I couldn’t do anything for her special days, but I’m plagued by guilt because of her.

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