Genesis 3:19| The Life of A Man (The Most Important Post You Will Ever Read)

Genesis 3:19| The Life of A Man (The Most Important Post You Will Ever Read)

Most people will tell you that life is full of sorrows and difficulties. And, predictably, this is correct. As men, we are born with the ability to shoulder greater burdens. Our dopamine is programmed to make us feel rewarded when we endure pain before achieving something. Consider this for a moment. Why do men work out at the gym? Why do you take time out of your busy day to suffer and subject your body to excruciating pain? This does not only apply to the gym but there is also a very interesting Bible verse for this.

Pay attention: you will eat bread by the sweat of your brow until you die. Because you were taken from it, because you are dust, and you will return to dust.

A man whose entire life revolves around his work, his goals, and his passions, but in order to achieve them, he must first be renewed and changed by studying the lives of various birds and animals.

The eagle, in particular, stood out to me. When you study the life of an eagle, you will be surprised at how similar it is to the life of a man. It is regarded as the king of the air, but that title comes with a price. Just as a man can progress from being a simple man to a high-value man. That, too, has a cost.

Relax and allow me to tell you about an eagle’s life. Listen to this with a razor-sharp mind. An eagle has the longest lifespan of any animal in its species. It has a lifespan of up to 70 years. However, to reach this age, the eagle must make some difficult decisions in its 40th year.

Why? Because as the eagle ages and enters its 40th year, its long, flexible talents can no longer catch prey, and its long, sharp beak begins to bend. Because of its thick feathers, its old and heavy wings stick to the eagle’s chest and make flying difficult. The eagle is now faced with only two options. The first option is to die and disappear. Forever. Or the second option, which involves excruciating pain. It will go through a unique process.

This necessitates the eagle to fly to the mountaintop and sit on its nest, where it knocks its beak against the rocks to undergo a unique process. It bangs its beak against a rock until it pulls it out. That’s right. Just consider that for a moment. It must beat its beak until it is extracted. Regardless of how bad it feels. The eagle strikes his beak many times against the rocks. It is experiencing pain but must proceed all the way. Only after the beak has been removed will a new one begin to grow.

Now that the beak has been removed, the eagle’s long-forgotten talents must be extracted as well. The same way as the beak. The eagle hits his talents until they break off, despite this fact the eagle knows its journey is not over.

Even though the beak and talents have begun to regenerate. The eagle does not rest because it is aware of other weaknesses that must be addressed. The eagle begins plucking its thick, heavy feathers, which once allowed the eagle to soar through the air as a king but have now become too heavy and overgrown. The eagle must pluck each feather out individually. Consider this. How does it feel to pull on your hair, let alone each one individually?

No matter how much blood the eagle sees, it knows how much pain it is in. The eagle will only be able to rest and enjoy days of glory once it has completed this entire journey. After completing this painful journey. The eagle eventually takes its famous rebirth flight and lives for another 30 years. Eagles that cannot bear the pain of change, on the other hand, die. Their position as King of the Air has been stripped from them, and they can no longer be found in the air. As a man, you are defined by your goals, but even more so by the changes, you are willing to make to achieve them. Like the eagle, you have two choices.

Option one is to surrender to your difficulties and die. Second, go through the agonizing process of transformation and be reborn. But first, like the eagle, you will go through many painful challenges to rewire your brain back to healthy dopamine levels. You will see much blood, much pain, and blue balls, and you will be unable to sleep on some nights due to how hard the urges will hit you. But your priorities are much larger. Why?

As you are aware The flight of glory causes temporary pain. You will live forever after being reborn like the eagle. Continue to hit your negative habits against the rock of self-discipline and God’s grace until they are plucked out.

Change your mindset. Only then will you be truly liberated from your past. Like the eagle, whose wings have become overgrown, making it difficult to fly. It will now be much easier for you to take advantage of the present. So, brothers, let us soar once more because a man cannot remake himself without suffering. For he is both the marble and the sculptor.

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