Your Fault:Why She Is Going To Lose Interest in You.

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When a man is passive. He loses all of his appeals. Except for the last century or so. Men have traditionally taken the lead in relationships. For the most part, he has been the decision-maker and planner. Not that he doesn’t talk to his wife, but he has always had the final say. Men were direct and to the point. This is extremely appealing to a woman because she is naturally passive. The opposite attracts, but due to modern trends and social equality movements.

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We, especially young us men, are becoming more relaxed subconsciously because we are constantly told that a woman is completely equal to men in every way. So, what effect does it have on the minds of us young men? We believe that because she is completely equal to me, I can rely on her to take the lead at times. I can count on her to be a good taker. I can anticipate her being more expressive in bullet, in relationships, and so on. Your assumption as a young man is logical and makes perfect sense in light of the modern equality wave. But you’ve forgotten that a woman is still a woman. Evolution can take thousands, if not millions, of years.


What makes you think that in a century or so, female empowerment will suddenly make women commanding? So all of your assumptions are based on a shaky foundation. The issue is that a woman’s intellect is equal to that of a man, but her brain functions very differently than men’s. A man is direct and frequently expresses himself. However, a woman will always express her opinion passively and in long paragraphs, which is not to say that it is incorrect. That’s the way it is. Decisiveness is the most important masculine characteristic.


Because a man has more masculine energy and a woman has more feminine energy, it is only natural for a man to be more decisive and direct. So, no matter how clear and level-headed she is, she lacks the masculine mind’s firmness. Again, in general, when she comes into contact with a passive man, no matter how strong the initial attraction, she simply cannot maintain it because the man constantly puts her on the spot. He is always forcing her to take the bullet. For a long enough period, no matter how modern she is. And she will be turned off as a result of this.


It’s a harsh reality, but it’s one that even women can’t deny. This information is critical for young men, who are disproportionately affected by this so-called equality. Movement. This equality is difficult to comprehend because it is far more political than realistic. As a result, disregard it. Be a gentleman. Of course, you should always respect the lady and offer your suggestions. Do not be arrogant and tyrannical in telling her what to do. Take the initiative, be firm and confident, and you will be surprised at how she responds.

You will undoubtedly encounter some women who will be offended by your taking the lead; it is then up to you whether you want to stay or leave.

Make no mistake about it: every woman wants a commanding man who is dependable and reassuring. Passivity will only result in a loss of attraction. Young men are not to blame because they were born with this false premise and constant propaganda. Women do not want to be treated fairly. She wants you to treat her as if you are the man, which contradicts what you have been taught, but it is the truth. A leader is direct and understands when to be commanding and when to be gentle. A passive man is everything except the aforementioned characteristics. It’s the same as having another woman as your man. This is extremely distressing, I know. 


But this page is built on hard, cold facts. So I don’t know what else to say. Don’t play the role of another woman in the relationship. She is looking for a man in a place where equality is preached and accepted. That is, you must still set dates, take initiative, and take the lead. This is true whether you like it or not. Even if you think it’s contradictory or hypocritical.

You must still be a man, even though she should not require it by current standards. However, biology and millions of years of evolution cannot be ignored. So be the masculine man that God has blessed you to be, and women might follow you around, possibly for the rest of their lives. 

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